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Experiences Shaping Policy

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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I am running for office to represent Queens in Congress.


Queens is the frontline of my identity. I was born and raised and educated in the working class neighborhoods of this borough. This is the place that invested in me, shaped my worldview and instilled the values that grounded me as I served urban communities around the country and the world.

The 2020 elections will be critical for the future of our community and our nation. We need members in Congress that will advance a bold, progressive agenda and reform the institutions that govern our everyday lives to serve the people, not be bought into silence. We need to engage our diverse communities across generations, racial, geographic and socioeconomic class lines in order to unify our district around a progressive agenda, not divide and conquer votes.

This campaign is about Queens and ensuring that the families that have painstakingly built the social fabric of our rich communities are not displaced and continue to have a home here, creating economic mobility opportunities & investing in social safety nets for all of us to thrive and prosper, and empowering the undocumented Americans in our community that are forced to live in the shadows and unable to lead their lives with dignity. This campaign is about making sure that our stories aren’t watered down to fit a convenient narrative in DC and protecting our lived experiences so that it drives true structural change and addresses the economic, political and environmental challenges of our time.

Sandra's Story


We need a representative in Congress who understands the weight of the issues and carries the same burdens that we face every day in order to survive and get ahead. I have the same shared experiences and I will bring them and my unique background in community, economic and policy development experience to advocate for all of us in our nation's capital.

As your representative, I commit to establishing a new era of transparency for the people of Queens and this district. To uphold this promise, I commit to the following:



Communicate key legislative priorities and actions on a weekly basis and operate a responsive local constituent services center that drives NY-6's legislative agenda in Washington.


Hold quarterly town halls that rotates around the neighborhoods in the district each year.


Build a campaign fueled by small dollar donors and reject funding from corporate political action committees and lobbyists from the healthcare & real estate industry.



Needs Survey

Read about the immediate and future needs that stem from this pandemic as reported by local residents.

The coronavirus has brought immeasurable financial, mental and physical devastation to households in Queens. Our campaign surveyed local households to hear about their needs directly from them. Access the timely report below.

Interviews & Media



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