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Vision for Queens

Queens is the world in 280 square miles. We are the most diverse community in the country and the world. No other community has more immigrants, more languages spoken, more veterans in the community across all socio-economic backgrounds. We are home to a buddhist temple, a mosque, a cathedral and a synagogue all on one neighborhood block. In a city known for its stark inequalities, we're traditionally known for giving New Yorkers an opportunity to join and build middle class neighborhoods.

Queens represents the future of this nation.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to realize our shared prosperity. Marginalized communities are unfairly governed by outdated institutions and inequality, in all of its forms, undermines the integrity of our democracy. It's time to come together and fight for an agenda that embodies our nation's deepest values - values like Inclusivity, Equality, and Democracy.

We need to eliminate barriers that impede progress and reform outdated policies and institutions so we can develop and advance a blueprint to move Queens and our nation forward into the 21st century.

Economy For All

The people of Queens deserve a fair, inclusive economy that provides opportunities and works for everyone. We need to ensure our local economy prospers by maximizing economic mobility opportunities, preserving international trade and investment ties, create new jobs through the clean energy industry and revitalize our commercial corridors by empowering our Main Street entrepreneurs. We also need to invest in social programs like single payer Medicare for All and Social Security.


This will ensure that Queens remains a place we can work, raise a family and retire with security in order for all of us to prosper from our shared economy.

Equality for All

We live in a time where our enemies try to weaponize our identities to divide us for their own selfish agendas. But we remain strong because for generations, Queens has welcomed people from every corner of the globe to build a collective that celebrates all that makes us different. While the Constitution guarantees equal rights and protection for all, we've witnessed the unequal application of these values on members of our community.


It is our responsibility to speak up and fight for our neighbors to have equal access to these rights and privileges. Silence, in the face of injustice, is a decision in itself that speaks volumes of our values as a community.

Representation for All

Our democracy is broken. We need to reform our political system to combat political inequality and return power to the people. The system persists to protect the wealthiest and most powerful and pay lip service to working families. Election after election, we witness how big money corrupts the system by expanding the wallets of our policymakers to buy their silence on issues that matter. We must demand bold reforms that secure equal and fair representation for all. We must demand that our democracy implement modern solutions to make it more transparent, accountable and responsive to all people at home and abroad.

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